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Two intrepid Kiwis from the South Island of New Zealand
- with a love of mother nature and wine…

…who, back in 2002, set-off on a journey they hoped would result in the creation of some of the purest expressions of Marlborough wines to be found. Fast forward to today, you’ll find a quirky piece of Marlborough land with unique terroir. Once a working sheep farm, now home to 41ha of canopy, 100% sustainable - home to the POUNAMU range of wines.

A chosen place. A place with spirit and harmony.



POUNAMU is a Maori word meaning greenstone or jade.

It's a rare, strong river stone and typically only found in the South Island of New Zealand, not far from where our wines are grown. To New Zealanders, Pounamu is a treasured item, often exchanged as a peace offering, or at occasions of ceremonial gift giving. It is special, spirited, authentic. Like its namesake, the POUNAMU wines are tasked to honour our heritage and showcase our sense of identity.


West Coast, South Island

Pounamu in its raw form

Pounamu carving of a Hei Tiki


New Zealand

Breath-taking scenery, a sense of innocence.

New Zealand (or Aotearoa - meanng ‘land of the long white cloud’) could easily be described as one of the most picturesque places on earth, with wonderfully diverse terrain. From dramatic mountain ranges, to rugged coastlines, sweeping valleys and enormous, dominant skies - it is spectacular.

With no immediate neighbours, New Zealand is a remote nation with a population of almost 4.8m inhabitants. The isolation has created an environment with unique flora and fauna - the most recognisable being the Kiwi bird. A flightless, nocturnal creature with a highly sophisticated sense of smell - and endearingly, our national symbol.  Intrinsically inventive, New Zealanders (affectionately known as ‘Kiwi’s) are often characterised as being open and friendly…yet fiercely patriotic.

Proud as.  Kiwi as.


NZ Native Bird, The Tui

Tasman Glacier, South Island

Cute lamb

Cute lamb

Bark Bay, Able Tasman South Island

Lake Mathesson, South Island

Lake Tekapo, South Island

Paua Shell

Moeraki Boulders,Otago, South Island

Traditional Maori Carving

Mackenzie Country, South Island

Punakaiki, West Cost, South Island

NZ Native Bird, The Kea

Wharariki, South Island



The POUNAMU wines are grown at a Single Vineyard site in the unique Waihopai Valley, in Marlborough, New Zealand. 

Behind the vineyard are the mighty Southern Alps. This mountain range forms the backbone of the South Island. This mountainous terrain helps protect our valley from fierce Oceanic winds. Over time it's pushed down alluvial deposits - terraces of stony, free draining soils - which are well suited for grape growing. On a day-to-day basis these mountains feed our acquifers with exquistiely pure water. 

During the ripening season (December - April), Marlborough experiences hot days, but at night the Ocean breeze cools the atmosphere dramatically. This extreme diurnal temperature change means our grapes produce intense flavours throughout the day, yet we're able to preserve and retain acidity from the cool conditions at night. It's this expression - this sense of place - that you can find in the POUNAMU wines. 

Vibrant, pure and flavourful.





Fresh, crispy, a ‘breath-of-fresh-air’. Aromas of river stone, white peach, lemon grass and grapefruit.

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Textured, giving and very gratifying to sip.
Characters reminiscent of apricot, nectarine.



Bright, juicy, upfront. Think red summer fruits:
cherry, plum, raspberry.



The POUNAMU vineyard & wines are from an independent, family-owned company. Our team consist of a group of highly experienced viticulturalists, who are madly passionate about growing grapes. And at the helm of the winemaking team is the wonderfullly talented Eveline Fraser. A remarkable individual with exceptional attention to detail and extraordinary senses.



Meal times are important part of our daily life in New Zealand. We love food!

Casual dining is common, and always we expect our ingredients to be fresh, and from the season. It’s relatively easy for us to gather mussels, oysters, scallops from the seabed. Often we fish for Cod, or other white fish species found in our Oceans. Or during the season, we head to the rivers or lakes for rainbow or brown trout. Salads or vegetable dishes are a daily staple.

For successful pairing; we'd recommend savoury, vegetal, salty or oily dishes for Sauvignon Blanc. For Pinot Noir, we'd recommmend savoury, smoky, earthy, vegetal or (some) spicy dishes, where star anise or 5-spice might feature.




Try with baked white fish with steamed vegetables

BBQ Prawns

Steamed Mussels with lemon & parsley



Try with grilled Halloumi Salad with peach & hazelnuts

Roasted Quail

Pad Thai



Try with Lamb Chops with Rosemary

Mushroom Risotto

Crispy Roast Duck


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